[rescue] SGI EL-16

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Wed Aug 13 14:46:32 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 13 August 2008, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> How good or bad is a SGI EL-16 terminal server, and how hard are they
> to get running?  I keep seeing them cheaply on ebay and was wondering
> if this would be a painless solution.
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I think that those are just a rebadged Central Data SCSI-based terminal 
server.   If so, Digiboard distributes drivers that work for those, but 
I haven't had much luck getting one to work on a modern Linux 
distribution (and that was 5 years ago I was trying).  The AIX drivers 
worked fine for me though.

I'd suggest a Xyplex Maxserver 15xx/16xx or Xylogics/Bay Network/whoever 
Annex 3 or Micro Annex, or a DECserver of some sort.

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