[rescue] SS20/cg14 custom resolutions

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Fri Aug 8 21:29:10 CDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 08, 2008 at 10:13:08PM -0400, Jonathan Katz wrote:
> der Mouse, this is fantastic stuff. I'll actually be in Montreal in 3  
> weeks and should take you for a drink! :)
> With this info I'm thinking we can get an SS20 w/ a VSIMM to drive an  
> HDTV. A quad-CPU SS20 may actually be able to decompress and stream  
> and HDTV stream? I could hook it to my A5000 so we can ensure plenty  
> of fast storage. We could dust off our SS20s and turn them into  
> Solaris-based PVRs!

Uhm, I don't think there is any way under the sun for a SS20 to move
about 200MB/s from disk to Memory to the video card.  I am even more
sure that compressed video won't work without a hardware accelerator.
> 1080i resolution is 1920x1080 @60Hz right?

Yes, except that 60Hz in computer terms means progressive in computer
terms, usually.  You need 60hz interlaced.  An HD scan converter can do
this if you can't figure out how to make the SS20 do it, but I think
that you might be able to configure interlaced out of some Sun cards.
> Just wondering how to go from 13W3 to YPb/Cb Pr/Cr....

Quite a few TVs support RGB actually.  For the rest, there are converter
boxes from Extron.

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