[rescue] Apple 2GB Quantum Fireball ST SCSI HD

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Thu Aug 7 02:41:58 CDT 2008

Quoth Curious George ...

> (sigh)  I just recycled a pair of 4G half height SE SCSI drives.
> And, a set of four third-height 1.2G (insert frown here) drives
> along with a SS1000.
> :-(
> Are these things that I should be "putting aside" in the future?


50-pin drives are getting rare.  I don't know if anyone is still making
them, even.  In many cases, of course, you can use an SCA drive and a
convertor, but there are machines (like the Sun lunchboxes) that just don't
have room.

So, yeah, you ought to be saving those 50-pin drives.


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