[rescue] Apple 2GB Quantum Fireball ST SCSI HD

James Birdsall jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Wed Aug 6 23:40:23 CDT 2008

Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> Carl R. Friend wrote:
>>    On Wed, 6 Aug 2008, Curious George wrote:
>>> Are these ["little drives" something] that I should be "putting
>>> aside" in the future?
>>    Actually, yes.  As we "progress" farther and farther into the
>> future, the technology that will allow us to keep our "elder
>> hardware" alive will become increasingly rare -- and it's not a
>> technology that we can either fabricate or fake.  So, for the
>> owners of, say, MicroVAXen (which have a disk-drive size limit
>> of one gig due to firmware issues) tiny drives are a critical
>> asset to have in the "spares bin".
> Couldn't you use a SCSI to IDE adapter, paired with a CompactFlash to 
> IDE adapter, in combination with a 1GB CF card?
> --Patrick
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Having tried for solid-state SCSI storage multiple times, it's not as 
easy as it sounds. Around the turn of the millenium, I tried every 
SCSI-based card reader I could get my hands on. Most of them didn't 
work; one of them did, but it wouldn't boot a machine. About a year ago, 
I tried the chain listed above, only to discover that the SCSI to IDE 
adapter would only work with disks which supported UDMA, and the CF card 
only supported PIO. I've heard that there are CF cards now which do 
support UDMA, so the prospects may have improved.


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