[rescue] Apple 2GB Quantum Fireball ST SCSI HD

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Aug 6 21:00:49 CDT 2008

> Actually, yes.  As we "progress" farther and farther into the future,
> the technology that will allow us to keep our "elder hardware" alive
> will become increasingly rare -- and it's not a technology that we
> can either fabricate or fake.

Actually, I suspect that it _is_ technology we can fake - especially as
then-modern technology progresses.  Consider how, today, we could put
into a single 1"x1" package enough logic to mediate between MSCP over
the Qbus and SCSI, SATA, or what have you - and there are probably a
handful of people on this very list who have, at home, everything
necessary to do so.  When the MicroVAX-II was being retired in large
numbers, this would have been completely out of reach for home users
and difficult for anyone smaller than a large company.

Or, perhaps, something like the suggested SCSI-to-IDE-to-CF hack.  Not
the same as the real thing, of course, but for those to whom working is
more important than being original, a useful possibility.

> So, for the owners of, say, MicroVAXen (which have a disk-drive size
> limit of one gig due to firmware issues)

Which MicroVAXen are those, and how is the firmware relevant?  The
limits I'm aware of all apply not to disk size but to the area used
during boot...but there are lots of corners of MicroVAXery I don't know
anything about.

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