[rescue] Stuff available in Lafayette, IN

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sat Aug 2 16:23:16 CDT 2008

I've got the following machines available, cheap for pickup in downtown 
Lafayette, IN, I'm asking for $10 each.  I do not have the time to ship 
this, or drop it off anywhere.  These will be scrapped in 2 weeks if 
they're not picked up by then.

Aspect 3000 NMR vector computer (about 8U tall rackmount).

Sun E4000 chassis, empty (2)

Sun E450 (some parts in them, but not a full config) (2)

Sun Ray 100, 17" CRT.  Brand new, I have some keyboards and mice (7)

Cisco 7000 router, including EIP, AIP, FIP, and fast serial cards.

Intel MDX 8" Hard disk drive

AT&T 5620 terminal.  No keyboards. (6)

Motorola Information Systems 6300 (rebadged convergent) 68k UNIX system

AT&T 3B2/310, probably needs a new hard drive (2)

AT&T 6300, HDD and FDD.   No keyboard or monitor

AT&T 6300, 2 FDD.  No keyboard or monitor

Apollo Domain 3500.  No keyboard/mouse or monitor.  Untested

SGI Octane (2)

DEC AlphaServer 4100

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