[rescue] [OT] Apcupsd (Was: Suggestions for AIX devel system?)

Adam Kropelin akropel1 at rochester.rr.com
Fri Aug 1 07:09:11 CDT 2008

Andrew Weiss wrote:
> On Jul 31, 2008, at 8:27 PM, Adam Kropelin wrote:
>> Andrew Weiss wrote:
>>> On Jul 30, 2008, at 6:35 PM, Adam Kropelin wrote:
>>>> I am looking for some advice on a cheap AIX system for basic
>>>> software development use. I maintain a free software package
>>>> (apcupsd) and occasionally have users report build problems, etc.
>>>> on AIX.
>>> I for one report that apcupsd worked well on my RS/6000 F50 in 32
>>> bit mode but was useless on my B80 running 64 bit AIX and compiled
>>> as a 64
>>> bit app.  The program dies when the power fails.  I might be able to
>>> give you access for development purposes to my B80.
>> I'd be willing to take a look at the 64 bit issue if you can get me
>> an ssh account some time. Apcupsd /should/ be 64 bit clean these
>> days as the x86_64 Linux variants are used quite a bit.
> I'll see if I can set this up sometime in the next few weeks.  I don't
> know if I have long enough of a cable, though, at the moment for the
> primary UPS (Matrix 3000).

If your B80 has 2 free serial ports we can use my smartsim SmartUPS 
simulator tool and not even need to touch your real UPS. Just connect a 
NULL modem cable between the two ports.

> One thing that might be nice is a client version of the daemon which
> would simply be compilable on OS X so that I could plug the UPS cable
> into a USB/Griffin and reprogram the alarm tests and front panel
> display among other things.  Every so often at 18 past the hour I get
> the beeping alarm test for about one minute.  I never noticed it
> previously because these machines lived in the basement den.  Now that
> I am on one level and the rack is in my living room, it's pretty
> annoying.

That would be 'apctest'. It comes with the apcupsd package, which does 
build fine on OS X. In fact we have an OS X GUI installer now so you don't 
even have to build it from source if you don't want. Note that if you use 
the GUI installer it will install the daemon itself and set it to 
automatically start up during boot. So you'll probably want to disable it 
again afterward if all you want is apctest.


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