[rescue] Selling or giving away my IPX + monitor

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 15:01:34 CDT 2008

Actually, my 13w3 Display just crapped out, and I have a love affair with CRTs.

How much for shipping to zip 60201, as I'm definitely interested, and
an IPX with a working floppy and keyboard/mouse is something I've also
been after.


-- Ian Finder

On 4/28/08, Ari Johnson <iamtheari at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am looking at passing along my SparcStation IPX and the monitor that
>  I got with it many years ago.  It has been in storage for the past 8
>  years, although I took it out to make sure it still works just the
>  other week.  I also put a fresh installation of OpenBSD 4.2 on it (as
>  I had installed Red Hat Linux the last time I used it, by way of
>  experiment).
>  Please e-mail me if you are interested in any of these items.  All
>  reasonable offers will be entertained, with the one requirement being
>  that the recipient has to cover my costs of packing and shipping the
>  items (especially the monitor!)  Thanks!
>  Sun SparcStation IPX.  Details:
>   - in an enclosure labeled for the IPC, but this is an IPX (cgsix
>  graphics, etc.)
>   - 32MB RAM
>   - 1010MB internal hard drive
>   - dead nvram battery (replacement can easily be had for $20-30 with
>  some help from Froogle; cold reboots require entering in some boot
>  monitor commands which I have printed out and keep with the machine;
>  all reboots default to network even if disk is selected so you have to
>  Stop-A (or send a Break if on the serial console) and 'boot disk')
>   - working floppy drive
>   - includes 10Base-T AUI converter
>  I will throw in a serial cable that will connect this machine with a
>  9-pin DIN connector, such as on a PC, for serial console purposes, in
>  case you don't want the monitor.
>  Sun HM-4119-S-DA-OL monitor.  Details:
>   - 19"
>   - all controls on rear
>   - beige housing
>   - Hitachi-made
>   - gigantic
>   - heavy
>   - dated September, 1990
>   - possibly responsible for the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald due to weight
>   - works great!
>  13W3 cable, Sun-branded, slightly damaged connectors - with some
>  finagling, you can get it working perfectly, but if you don't spend a
>  few minutes getting it hooked up you end up with white => yellow color
>  translation.
>  Sun Type 5 keyboard with cable
>  Sun Type 5 optical mouse with mousepad in mint condition
>  CD-ROM drive, cartridge type, possibly Sun-bootable but I don't have
>  any Solaris installation CD to check with.  I'll throw in an
>  HD50-to-CN50 connector to hook it up to the IPX with if you get both.
>  A Solaris 2.5.1 Desktop SPARC Platform Edition box with several
>  books/manuals, leaflets, and two CDs in a Solaris CD folder:
>   - Updates for SOLARIS Operating Environment 2.5.1 SPARC
>   - Desktop 1.1 (Common Desktop Environment 1.0.2, ODBC Driver Manager
>  2.11, Wabi 2.2), SPARC / x86 / PowerPC Platform Edition
>  (I got this set with the IPX and I think it may have been intended to
>  include the Solaris 2.5.1 operating environment install CDs, but it
>  does not.  The machine originally ran 2.5.1, but when I got the IPX it
>  had an external hard drive containing /usr and no cable, nor could I
>  find one without much traveling, so I impatiently installed OpenBSD on
>  it and never looked back.)
>  Historical note: This is the machine responsible for building the
>  OpenBSD/sparc blessed client for Netrek.  You haven't really played
>  Netrek until you've done so on a 256-color Sun machine with a 19" CRT.
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