[rescue] [FWD] FS: Tektronix test equipment

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon Apr 28 13:31:40 CDT 2008

Forwarded for Dave McGuire, mcguire at neurotica.com - contact him if
you're interested.

   I have for sale a really sweet, portable, self-contained and
extremely compact test equipment system built by Tektronix.  It looks
like a blue high-impact plastic briefcase, but the left and right
sides come off with snap clips.

   Removal of the front cover reveals a dual-trace oscilloscope, a
digital multimeter, a function generator (generates sine, square,
triangle, etc waves), and a digital universal counter (measures
frequency, period, etc).  Other types of modules are available.
Removal of the back cover exposes a coiled 110V power cable and a
storage compartment for probes and test leads.  The power supplies
for the modules are in the case (called TM515), and the modules are
quick- (but not hot-) swappable.  It comes with some probes for the
scope and the multimeter.  The specs for all of the modules are below.

    Here are some pics:

   I have PDF documentation (including schematics) for the TM515
frame and all of the modules except the DM501A multimeter, which I
can't find.  The unit and its modules are complete and in like-new
condition, except for some marker writing on the outside of the
case.  It all works wonderfully...the displays are perfect, the
scope's CRT is crisp and bright, and everything is pretty darn close
in calibration.

   I am looking to get $400 for this, shipped. (continental US)


FG502 function generator
   Frequency: variable 0.1Hz - 11MHz
   Amplitude: variable 0V - 10V (or 5V into 50-ohm load)
   Waveforms: sine, square, triangle, inc. ramp, dec. ramp, +pulse, -
   Trigger output
   Gate input
   VCF input (for frequency modulation, sweeping, or phase-locking)

DC505A universal counter
   Six measurements:
     - frequency
     - frequency ratio
     - period
     - time interval
     - pulse width
     - event counter
   Two input channels
   225MHz range on both channels
   Adjustable triggering level

DM501A digital multimeter
   4.5 digit resolution
   0.05% basic DC accuracy
   True RMS conversion for AC
     DC voltage
     DC current
     AC voltage
     AC current
     dB (dBV/dBm)
     Temperature (with an optional probe)

SC504 oscilloscope
   Dual trace
   80MHz input bandwidth
   All standard "big scope" features, like full "Tektronix-style"  

Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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