[rescue] Colorbus card + cables for SGI Indy

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Tue Apr 22 10:14:02 CDT 2008

> I do believe that we used a Cyclone-badged Indy as a RIP for a big Canon
> color copier at the service bureau in the 1990s. It had a shell in a
> terminal window, which made it strange beastie indeed on a network of
> Macs with one Sun server and a couple of PCs. :7)

Sounds similar to where this one came from.  This of course was also used
as a RIP for some big copier/printer.  I never used it... I got it for the
Indy itself (and then shortly afterwards got a lot of SGI stuff that had
even better Indys in it).

Hate to toss this card... I wouldn't be surprised if these are still in
(limited) use out there... but finding someone to save it from a dumpster
may prove to be impossible.

-- Curt

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