[rescue] 611s, 411 and ELC motherboards needing new homes (UK)

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Tue Apr 22 03:39:30 CDT 2008

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I did somthing similar, so I can add some experience. The ELC CPU board
only needs +5 V. I never found out what the -5 V is used for. I
measured current on all supply voltages and there was no current draw
on -5 V. So I left -5 V unconnected. It needs about 2 A on +5 V with a
single SIMM. Current draw on +-12 V is only a few mA. I suspect +-12 V
is only needed for the serial ports. So I used a PSU from an external
SCSI disk box to feed the ELC CPU board. I get +5 V and +12 V from the
PSU. -5 V is unconnected. I used this simple voltage inverter to
generate the -12 V: http://www.unixag-kl.fh-kl.de/~jkunz/inverter.pdf

Later I mounted this ELC board in a SCSI disk box together with a spool
disk, a CDROM and a CD-Recorder making it a CDR burn appliance.

Pins C and D on the 6 pin connector are in deed Csync. (One pin is GND, the other is the usual TTL level sync.) Once I connected this Csync and the video signals from the RCA plug to a monitor and got video output from the ELC on the screen.

BTW: You can mount a Sun 600MP VME board in a 3/60 chassis. But the
3/60 chassis doesn't supply -12 V. So you can't use serial console on
the 600MP board. It works fine with a CG6 and keyboard. The voltage
inverter above can solve the -12 V problem quite easily. IIRC the -12 V
line is brought to the PSU from the "backplane", but unconnected at the
PSU. So you can mount the inverter in the PSU section of the chassis.


Homepage: http://www.unixag-kl.fh-kl.de/~jkunz/

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