[rescue] 611s, 411 and ELC motherboards needing new homes (UK)

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Mon Apr 21 13:39:02 CDT 2008

Hi list,

I have the following here:

5 off Type 611 (closed-face) external disk enclosure - all have (~2-4GB) 
harddisks fitted

1 off Type 411 (open-face) external disk housing with 
CDROM fitted (no caddy)

about 5 off SparcStation ELC motherboard/socket board combos (these were 
retained when the ELCs were landfilled due to the monitors having died. 
They contain everything that's required (the motherboard, and the small 
board containing all rear-panel socketry, without which the motherboard 
would be useless) to form a nifty little diskless SPARC machine if you run 
them off an AT power supply. There was a helpful web page about exactly 
how to do this, but Google can no longer find it. Anyone have a copy 

All are available free, you pay the shipping and PayPal fees, or collect. 
Located in West Yorkshire, UK.


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