[rescue] Sun VME Cards, and smd? cables..

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Sun Apr 20 20:36:20 CDT 2008

in the continued cleaning, have the following to offer for a few bucks over shipping...
some smd?? header cables.. for the xylogics card that has the high density connectors on it.. 451? 
pictures of these at http://moaa.net/laz/rescue

also have some vme cards..
501-1855  IPI 2 disk controller
501-1217 scsi card
501-1451 32 meg ram
501-1102 8 meg ram
501-1217 multibus adapter/scsi card
501-1206 68020 cpu board
501-1491 sun 4/200 cpu w/fpu  (No cpu chip)
501-1522 0MB Sun 4200 CPU with FPC4 or FPC6, 2-Slot Backpanel 

shipping or pickup in southern NH or Fenway, Boston.

laz at moaa.net

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