[rescue] Filesystem choice for fileserver?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Apr 20 08:41:19 CDT 2008

> Following your logic, in order to sell a controller as "hardware
> RAID" you'd have to fully implement RAID functionality in hard-wired
> gates, with no "soft logic" inside?

Mostly, yes.  I'm not sure whether I'd count an FPGA as hardware for
those purposes.

> That threshold is a bit high - I think it would be fair to set the
> bar at "RAID implemented to not rely on host RAM and/or CPU"...

I disagree.  Firmware RAID, coprocessor RAID, there are plenty of
perfectly good _accurate_ terms to describe this sort of "auxiliary CPU
dedicated to RAID" setup.  Hardware RAID should, it seems to me, be
reserved for RAID done in silicon instead of software, even if that
software is running on a dedicated CPU.

Your "threshold is a bit high" sounds as though there is some kind of
privilege being granted.  I'm trying to be descriptive here.  There's
nothing wrong with firmware RAID; the term is not a pejorative - it's
just that "hardware RAID" is a wrong term for it.  Just as, for
example, there's nothing wrong with using nails to fasten wood
together, but "gluing" is a wrong term for it.

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