[rescue] Filesystem choice for fileserver?

kevin r. marhsall kevin at pipeline.com
Wed Apr 16 22:21:04 CDT 2008

Actually... that happens about twice a week with this particular setup as it is a temp location for some large backups.  Normally it happens in the middle of the night so no one really cares, but on two occasions recently we have had to come in and do some work on the weekends and have had to wait for about 45 minutes, doing nothing but twiddling my thumbs until the files are deleted.  The fact that this was Saturday golden time (on both occasions) make it all the more annoying.

Plus, as i recall it took forever and a day to initialize the filesystem (500 Gigs) to begin with.


> Yes, unlink *is* expensive on ext3. That's because the file's inode and
> indirect blocks all have to be walked to determine which blocks to mark in
> the free space map. I suspect that unlink also locks the filesystem until
> the operation is complete.
> Still, it's not as if you're regularly deleting 80GB files...

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