[rescue] E250 temperatures

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Apr 14 11:39:40 CDT 2008

>> (The primary reason for the switch was that I got a UPS and wanted
>> to put the DNS sever on it, and the -3/60 sucks down a lot more
>> power than the DNARD I moved it to.)
> How did you end up with a DNARD?

Through one of the NetBSD lists, port-arm I think it was - someone from
whichever list it was had some looking for homes, and I spoke up.

> I wish I had a bit more variety in action.  Maybe I'll rack mount an
> EFIKA someday.

I like variety.  I've got NetBSD/sparc, /i386, /shark, and /alpha
running right now, and a bunch more that I could boot easily - /sun3,
/vax, /mac68k, /sparc64, and possibly /next68k ("possibly" because I
don't remember whether my next68k boot area is in working shape).  I
have a /macppc machine set up as well, but it wouldn't turn on last
time I tried, and I didn't care enough to bother working out why -
could be as simple as power unplugged for all I know.

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