[rescue] Anybody have knowledge of Telco 48V wiring???

Harold Berninghausen haroldkarl at juno.com
Mon Apr 14 11:33:46 CDT 2008

I am trying to resue myself... I mistakenly bought Netras... T1100 and
T1120... I was able to find a power supply for the T1120, making it T1125...
now, buying blind, bought a Netra T4 or later called Netra 20, which is 48V..
the T1100 is 2 (that is two) post and the Netra T4 is 3 connector... Huhhh? oh
yes, and the T4 has two 3 connector (Wago connectors--- unobtainium?).... I
have a 48V UPS (thanks to a list member) and I have an ITT 48V power source...
both are 2 connectors..

Can anybody point me in a direction of pdfs or websites to explain this? Or
even first hand knowledge of this weirdness????

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