[rescue] E250 temperatures

Dr. Robert Pasken rpasken at eas.slu.edu
Mon Apr 14 09:51:29 CDT 2008

Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> Yep, saw a bunch of them at Starbucks this past weekend... The tip
>> cup had very little in it, though the lines were just as long as
>> always...
> I am amazed that for all the supposed "recession" we are in, that the 
> mall parking lot is always so full, even on say, Wednesday at 1:30PM.
> Either Lancaster, PA is some special case, or things are not quite as 
> bad as al-Reuters would have us believe.
> --Patrick
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There were two new Starbucks in my "neighborhood", both were open only 
few months before closing due to a lack of business. The malls around 
here are empty even on a Saturday afternoon and the mall closest to home 
is closing due to a lack of business. Although my own neighborhood is 
stable due to the fact that most of the residents are older with nearly 
grown children, there are a number of others close by that have more 
than 50% homes empty due to foreclosure. It is not uncommon to see 
personal possessions stacked on the curb. Things are pretty grim around 
here. My brother tells pretty much the same story for upstate New York

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