[rescue] E250 temperatures

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun Apr 13 22:58:29 CDT 2008

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 07:11:19PM -0500, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> Details? I'm suprised that an error in the system was detected by you,
> filed with Sun, and a patch still not available for something over a few
> months. 

The Sun engineers I dealt with had a hard time reproducing it to the point
that they could actually start *solving* it.

> I'm not saying you didn't see the error, or that you didn't
> report it, just that the clear implication is that the error was
> documented and hung around for so long on such a "prestige" product as
> the T1000...

I don't exactly have a support contract - this is the system that Sun
donated to sunhelp.org, and when I tried to contact them, all the people
who had communicated with me back then were no longer with the company.  I
ended up emailing Jonathan Schwartz directly, explaining the program of
getting in touch with someone, and asked "thank you for your time, can you
please throw this email at the right person or department" - and a couple
of days later, I had the regional service VP on the phone.

> Did you just find the error (and most of the 18 months delay in the
> cutover were due to other reasons[0]) or has it been very elusive?

It took me a few months to get the system to the datacenter in Austin where
everything is hosted [0].  Since then, it's been doing daily rsync backups of
the "current" system - it's just not been serving any web pages, doing any
emails, etc.  A month or so after I got it physically in place, I found the
problem.  Hoping that a future firmware update would do it, I waited and
updated to the next couple of firmware releases, but still had the problem.

I finally contacted Sun (as described above) back at the beginning of
November 2007, got in touch with some engineers, sent them logs, etc.

On December 14th, I got this from one of the engineers:

>We have found the problem and solution to the issue.  We are testing the
>solution.  Right now, we are looking at System Firmware 6.5.10 for this
>fix.  The schedule for 6.5.10 has not been determined.  But I will let you
>know when we have a date for 6.5.10.

I've not heard from him since then - but looking just now, it appears that
they released 6.5.11 on March 3rd, and 6.6 on March 11th.

I've had a LOT of stuff going on in my personal life since the beginning of
February, and hadn't exactly had "check weekly for firmware updates" on my
mind - but it looks like I'll be updating firmware and hopefully migrating
everything within the next 30 days.


[0] Of course, SunHELP has to fall behind "job that pays the bills" and
"family", etc, in terms of priority.  I don't even make income from Google
ads anymore, so any time spent on it is "profitless" compared to consulting
work, etc.

Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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