[rescue] PIX rescue - which PIX OS on this 515 non-e?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Sat Apr 12 11:46:28 CDT 2008

Joshua Boyd wrote:
> Is that a 1U box?  I think that is what we have where I work.  
> If you want QoS, you will need version 7.something ofo the OS.

It is a 1U, about the same size as a Netra X1 / v100.

I guess I don't *need* QoS if I am being honest about it.  And I wonder 
how fast v7 or v8 would run on the P200 that it has anyways.

 From the bootup screen:


Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Version 6.0(1)

Licensed Features:
Failover:       Disabled
VPN-DES:        Enabled
VPN-3DES:       Enabled
Maximum Interfaces:     3
Cut-through Proxy:      Enabled
Guards:         Enabled
Websense:       Enabled
Throughput:     Unlimited
ISAKMP peers:   Unlimited



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