[rescue] E250 fans

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat Apr 12 11:12:40 CDT 2008

On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 12:08:07PM -0400, Joshua Boyd wrote:

> So now I put it back together, but now I'm seeing this error:
> Fan Bank :
> ----------
> Bank      Speed     Status
>          (0-255)    
> ----      -----     ------
>  SYS       167      FAILED
> Uhm, I'm assuming this refers to the main set of three big fans that I
> removed and put back.  When I power on the machine, the fans start
> running, so I didn't completely kill them.  Also, the connector to the
> fans (from the power boards beneath it appears) seems to be seated well.
> I pulled the machine back out, and powered it on without the lid briefly
> to confirm that indeed all three fans are moving air.  The PSU fan is
> moving error.
> I guess I'm going to try booting the system to see what happens.
> Does anyone have any advice about this fan error?  Just live with it and
> keep an eye on the system temps?

Hmm, I let the machine boot completely into Solaris 11, and now it says:
Fan Bank :

Bank      Speed     Status
----      -----     ------
 SYS       167        OK

So I guess that fixed it.

I also am seeing the CPUs hold steady at 40 degrees C now.

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