[rescue] E250 fans

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat Apr 12 11:08:07 CDT 2008

OK, I pull the machine from the rack.  The top of the UPS was a bit
warm, but not anything I would describe as particularly hot.  But every
bit helps.

While I had the E250 out, I vacuumed around it.  Then I pulled the CPUs
off, removed their plastic shrouds and vacuumed the heat sinks.  The
heat sinks didn't seem dirty enough to be a bit deal, but again every
little bit.  I also pulled the HDs and vacuumed them like usual.  

Then I realized that the fans were removable, so I pulled and vacuumed
them.  They were exceptionally filthy, and so they may not have been
moving enough air.

So now I put it back together, but now I'm seeing this error:
Fan Bank :

Bank      Speed     Status
----      -----     ------
 SYS       167      FAILED

Uhm, I'm assuming this refers to the main set of three big fans that I
removed and put back.  When I power on the machine, the fans start
running, so I didn't completely kill them.  Also, the connector to the
fans (from the power boards beneath it appears) seems to be seated well.

I pulled the machine back out, and powered it on without the lid briefly
to confirm that indeed all three fans are moving air.  The PSU fan is
moving error.

I guess I'm going to try booting the system to see what happens.

Does anyone have any advice about this fan error?  Just live with it and
keep an eye on the system temps?

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