[rescue] E250 temperatures

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Fri Apr 11 21:18:24 CDT 2008

On Apr 11, 2008, at 9:30 PM, hike wrote:
> Concerning the CPUs: each cpu slot has it own temperature range.   
> The range
> may be similar or dissimiliar.  The temperature range is dependent  
> on the
> CPU itself, the airflow over the CPU.  The closeness of power  
> supplies, hard
> drives, cards, etc. effect the acceptable temperature of any  
> specific CPU.
> All this to say, you can't balance the thermal load of a CPU in  
> that vintage
> Sun server.

Too bad that they don't have a way to tell it to move work from one  
CPU to the other until they equalize in this way.

>> From my understanding the UPS unit generate heat that will effect the
> surrounding equipment.
> If a device sits on top of the 250 (that is, no air gap), it may cause
> heating issues.  (We once had a shorty rack with a v120 and a 19"  
> switch
> sitting on top of the server [no air gap but the switch was only  
> half the
> depth of the v120] and the v120 would crash every few days.  We  
> moved the
> v120 down 1U in the rack and the crashes stopped.]
> I would suggest that you add fans to the rack if possible and  
> provide air
> gaps if feasible.

Well, I did adjust the rack to allow more space behind the rack  
(about 24" from the back of the rack to the wall) earlier.

And upon your advice, I moved the T1 off the top of the E250 to  
create a 1U gap between it and the SS20.  Although I wouldn't have  
called the top of the E250 (after I removed the T1) warm to the touch.

Tomorrow I will try raising the E250 to have a gap between it and the  
UPS, if I have time around work.  That will require completely  
tearing the rack apart.  I need a larger rack (and perhaps a  
dedicated air conditioner for the server area).

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