[rescue] E250 temperatures

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Fri Apr 11 19:18:28 CDT 2008

I just noticed that the thermal error light was lit on my e250 running
solaris 10.  A quick login, and prtdiag shows:
System Temperatures (Celsius):
      CPU0    64    WARNING
      CPU1    47
       MB0    41
       MB1    31
       PDB    35
      SCSI    29

Yet, the fans still aren't full speed:
Fan Bank :

Bank      Speed     Status
----      -----     ------
 SYS       219        OK

What is the real danger region for the E250, and will the light turn off
on its own if the temp goes down?

Also, does anyone know any tricks to make it balance the thermal load
between the two CPUs better?

Any other tricks?  I would venture to say that the area where the E250
sits is still generally under 70 degrees.  The e250 is near the bottom
of a short rack that doesn't actually have all that much running in it.
Below the e250 is a smartups 1400.  The only things running above it are
a SS20, a GigE switch, and a FastE switch (the FC array, T1, and Compaq
DL360 are off).  On top of the rack is a Ultra 5, and a few feet away is
an Ultra 80, which doesn't seem to have the same sort of monitoring on
it.  I may have to get a remote device to monitor the area...

Also, does anyone know if 280rs happen to run cooler?

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