[rescue] Advice: Netra T1 AC200 CDROM woes

Bill Blum bill.blum at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 16:22:52 CDT 2008

Oh, figured it out.    Turns out on the Netra T1 200, there's a little
jumper near the IDE header on the motherboard.  ( Jp17 ).

Normally open, per docs found at sunshack--- but a little birdy
advised me that I probably want to close that jumper in this case.
After a 10 minute long search for an available extra jumper, which
concluding only when I remembered I work in an IT department, and we
have pounds of dead HDs with jumpers did I attempt this, and lo and
behold, a CDROM pulled out of a dead Dell sff optiplex works!!!!

Now I just need to go home and see if that random ECC memory I have
will work in this system.
Bill Blum
Bill.Blum at gmail.com
"Experience is the knowledge that enables you to recognize a mistake
when you make it again."

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