[rescue] Cleaning out some sbus / mbus bits

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Tue Apr 8 18:14:24 CDT 2008

I have the following available, make an offer:

1x 501-1248 P4 CG4 Adapter
1x 501-1932 SBus Token Ring Adapter
1x 501-2005 Sun HSI/S (Cray Special)
1x 501-1645 Dual-Slot SBus CG6
4x 501-2325 SBus TGX1
8x 501-2360 Sun SM51 SuperSPARC 50MHz 1MB
4x 501-2825 Sun SM61 SuperSPARC 60MHz


13x 501-2273 16MB RAM modules for SS10 / others
1x 501-2622 64MB RAM modules for SS10 / others
3x Questec 64MB RAM modules for SS10 / others
1x DATARAM 62032 RAM module for SS10 / others
2x 501-2482 8MB 60NS SS20 VSIMM
2x 501-2001 SS10/20 NVRAM DIMM

2x Sun A5200 with 18.2GB FC Disks. These are pickup-only in TN as I'm  
not able to ship them. I should have ~20 disks to put in them, though  
I might be short a sled or two.

I'm open to trades for:

Sun S1 Rack ears
Sun 595-5802 rack kits
Sun 300-1496 Netra 20 Power supplies
Sun 595-5832 rack kits
Compaq 289572-001 Round hold rack adapter

Though I expect it'd take a lot of SBus / MBus to equal one of those  
things. :)


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