[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet SBus & Gigabit Ethernet Sun 420R/220R

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Apr 6 08:34:01 CDT 2008

>>> Ehh, I suppose. I was thinking 1000 MB/s, but that's not realistic.
>> I would hope that gigE would max out at more like 500MB/s, but I have 
>> not worked with gigE and jumbo frames enough to know.
> GigE is supposedly capable of going close to 100 MB/s a second, with 
> jumbo frames.
>> 100MB ethernet maxes out at what, 70MB/s or 80MB/s under ideal 
>> conditions, or is that even too optimistic?
> Typically one uses MB for megabyte, and Mb for megabit.
> FastE is 100Mb, but in average circumstances in the real world it only 
> does about 7.5-9MB.
> GigE is 1000Mb, and is rumoured to be capable of doing 80MB+, but that 
> requires fairly good hardware.
> Some people say that it isn't worth upgrading to GigE if you can't get 
> 10 times faster than FastE, but I wonder why people think that a 4-6x 
> upgrade for older machines isn't worthwhile?

Ah, I was not paying enough attention to Mb vs MB. I did mean megabits 
in my statements, and typed MB without thinking. That was a kind way of 
correcting me, though. ;-)

Mostly, I was thinking that you should be able to get the same 
percentage of ideal bandwidth from GigE (with jumbo frames) as from 
FastE. It sounds like that is the case, but only under the best 
circumstances. Correct?

And if SBUS maxes out at 200 megabytes, that is 1.6 gigabits, and a GigE 
card should certainly be able to move data across the SBUS as fast as 
across the network.

As I mentioned before, I have a fiber GigE SBUS card for COS if anyone 
is interested.


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