[rescue] Airport Security and Rescues...

Nadine Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 17:39:37 CDT 2008

Timothy Baldridge wrote:

> I must be the only person here that actually enjoys flying. I even
> travel with a MBP, and haven't had issues with it getting mishandled.
> Infact on my last few flights from Chicago to Denver, the never even
> touched my stuff. They may have messed some stuff up in my check-in
> when they searched it, I couldn't tell, I never exactly pack neatly.

Like I said, I like flying, I just don't like airports.  I've not had 
any serious problems with security like others, even though I've went 
through security accidentally with a Leatherman Micro.  It was missed at 
Dulles and caught on my way back at the Vegas airport.  The TSA folks 
there seem a bit higher caliber than most of the others I've seen.  I 
believe McCarren has a high number of military retirees working (highest 
concentration of military retirees are in Vegas, apparently).  And the 
whole city is very focussed on customer service (generally), so things 
seem to go smoother overall.

In this particular instance, I had on my Harry Potter Gryffindor crest 
shirt, and after he tossed the tool in the trash can (I didn't feel like 
dealing with the hassle of shipping it home), he said, "I'd have let you 
keep it if you'd been wearing a Slytherin shirt."  :-)

Sense of humor, what a rarity.

I've had my checked bags opened and searched many, many times (I'm 
guessing 80+%), since I did a number of weird open ended tickets from DC 
to Oakland & Vegas to get the cheapest prices.  I never had anything 
damaged by it.  Likewise, I've never had my carry-on items mis-handled.

I try really hard to be pleasant with these folks.  They get crappy pay, 
and it's not their fault that the gov't is doing half-a$$ed stuff.  They 
see a lot of PO'd people all the time who don't bother to plan ahead by 
getting to the airport at a reasonable time, nor figure out what they 
can and cannot carry on ahead of time.

If I want to take someone to task, the schmuck making minimum wage at 
the gate ain't the one to be yelling at--'cause he/she can't do a damned 
thing about it.

For those of you who've had crappy experiences, use the TSA complaint 
process--in writing--and document all your contact.  If you've gotten no 
relief, contact your Senator and Representative--they're your elected 
officials for a reason.  You might also educate yourself in some of the 
frequent flyer forums--like flyertalk.com.  Keep in mind the TSOs have 
no authority to arrest you.  They have to call LEOs for that.  Keep your 
cool and learn what process to follow *before* something bad happens.

As with any situation involving LE or the semblance of LE, it's better 
to be an informed citizen.


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