[rescue] Airport Security and Rescues...

Nadine Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 14:27:37 CDT 2008

Mike Hebel wrote:
> *clatter* *clank* *ratchet* *DING!* Message from: Joshua Boyd. Shall I
> *bzzt**crackle* dispatch the *pop!* robotic Richard Simmons sir?
>> On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 11:45:57AM -0400, William Enestvedt wrote:
>>>    Pfft -- those trains aren't a cure-all, either.
>> Certainly not.  Taking a train to the west coast, or even Chicago would
>> be insane.
> It depends entirely on how fast a train that is.  A reliable and fast
> non-stop train from East<->Midwest or West<->Midwest would be quite
> acceptable.  The trick is that it has to be fast, safe, and non-stop.

I took Amtrak from Emeryville (East Bay opposite SF) to Chicago.  It 
wasn't that bad, IMO.  The cost of a sleeper berth is a bit outrageous 
as far as I am concerned; I just did the coach thing.  The restrooms on 
the train are large enough that you can change clothes, unlike airplanes.

With modern EVDO/Edge wireless cards, you could even have internet 
throughout much of the trip, I'd guess.

> Then from there change to a local train if necessary.  Much less hassle
> than flying.

Once I was in Chicago, I switched trains to go south to my family's locale.

> I say call in some Japanese engineers with federal funding. ;-)

There'd be huge problems still, though, mostly having to do with rail 
right of ways and agreements left over from waaaay back with the RR 
companies.  My brother works for a freight line, and they get worked up 
over the fact that Amtrak has priority on their lines--even though the 
freight RR's get paid big bucks for such rights.

It's obviously a morass, knowing even the little bit that I know; one 
that the RR's will fight tooth and nail to keep since they benefit from 
it most.

>>>    It would have been nice to be able to nap, though, or read, instead
>>> of looking at Connecticut. :7)
>> Absolutely.
> I'd _love_ that extra planning/writing/resting/thought time.

This is why I rode DC's Metro every day when I was out in Virginia. 
Even with the occasional train delays, it was worth not having any 
driving hassles--read, listen to iPod, whatever.

> I did not know this.  I'm kind of surprised.

Yes, their are outlets on most train cars on Amtrak and similar commuter 
trains.  I've never found any on Metro or Chicago's EL trains, though. 
I believe power outlets on airplanes are only found in business class or 
better on domestic flights.  There may be outlets now on Singapore 
Airlines, as they were the first ones (AFAIK) to implement seat back 
displays and video games for every seat on-board.

I don't mind flying, it's the airports I could do without.  Private 
pilot's license seems like the way to go these days.


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