[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 58, Issue 27

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Sun Sep 30 15:38:26 CDT 2007

The steam powered teletype chattered and a message from Sheldon T. Hall
rolled out in a wad of paper tape...
> Quoth Sridhar Ayengar ...
>> [I wrote, of his Pinzgauer...]
>>> Is it in the USA?  How did you get it into the country?  I know the
>>> Haflinger had a "US Spec" version (though I can't imagine
>>> how), but did the Pinzgauer?
>> I bought it from an importer.  It was old enough to be
>> allowed into the country.
> I thought cars had to be pre-1968 to get free admission nowadays, though I
> suppose Federalizing a pre-73 might be do-able.
> I bought a BMW in Germany in 1985, and brought it to the USA in 1986.
> Since
> it was 5 years old, I could exempt it from polution control requirements
> on
> the "one per lifetime" exemption that was available then.  I still had to
> have the various DOT crash stuff dome, file egineering studies, etc.  My
> strong impression s that you haven't been able to do ay of that for about
> 10
> years, though I admit I haven't kept up.
> Of course, trucks and non-personal-car vehicles may have different
> rules....

Just FYI the last time I checked all the non-turbo-diesel Pinzgaurs were
legal for US import.  Unless it's changed they crush the turbo-diesel ones
if they arrive on the docks or if you try and title them.

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