[rescue] What a load of...

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Sun Sep 30 15:03:18 CDT 2007

Sait Michael-John Turner ...
> On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 06:51:57PM +0200, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> > One thing you don't see too much of, in this part of France 
> > (mid-South, not
> > on the coast), is performance cars.  Lots of folks driving 
> > regular cars
> > fast, yeah, but identifiable performance cars, nah.
> I've not been to France yet, but I've noticed similar in 
> other parts of
> Europe. Even cruising the autobahns, performance cars seemed 
> to be few and
> far between. I see more Porsches, Ferraris, AMG Mercedes, 
> M-BMWs, S-Audis
> etc on the roads here in South Africa that I have in Europe. Strange.

Back in the eighties, when I was in Denmark a lot, there were a bunch of
South African ex-pats in Copenhagen, all of whom seemed to have US "muscle
cars."  Mustangs, Camaros, even a couple of "Screaming Chicken" Pontiacs.
Given the motoring millieu in Denmark then (high fuel costs, monstrous
luxury tax on cars, etc.), the cars on the road there were modest and small.
Those guys were pretty noticeable.  I expect they were pretty noticeable
back in SA, with those cars, too.


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