[rescue] rescuing an ailing U10

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Sun Sep 30 13:35:47 CDT 2007

On 9/30/07, Scott Quinn <compoobah at valleyimplants.com> wrote:
> > OpenBoot is fun stuff.
> Yep, my favorite consoles are OpenBoot and SRM

Me too.  It's one of the best things about Sun hardware.
I've never seen one of the x86-based Suns; can anyone
tell me if they have OpenBoot firmware, or the standard
PC rubbish?  For me, it's definitely a deal-breaker if it
doesn't.  It's a computer, dammit, and it should be
programmable.  Yes, even the firmware, sonny.

While on the topic, am I the only one who wishes that
OpenBoot had a TCP implementation?  I'd love to be
able to boot boxes by simply doing:

setenv ip-address
setenv dns-address
setenv router-address
boot http://some.server.out.there.com/path/to/kernel

C'mon, Sun, is the network *really* the computer?
Or are you guys just "the dot in dot-Net"?


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