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" From: "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at artell.net>
"  Quoth William Enestvedt ...
" >    Anyway, they also had an older car there in California 
" > Highway Patrol
" > paint, with the roof lights and everything. A simple sign taped inside
" > one window claimed it was a "1970 Dodge Polara, the FINEST police car
" > ever built" and which went on to list the salient attributes, chief
" > among them a freakin' huuuge engine.
" []
" I don't ever recall seeing one in police garb, though.  I think the Atlanta
" cops and the Georga State Patrol drove Plymouth Furies in those days.  Same
" basic underpinnings, I think, and the same motor, but a slightly smaller
" body.  They probably had up-rated special handling packages, and I know they
" had better brakes.

almost certainly.  many departments looked over the shoulders of the
california highway patrol, which had extensive and particular
requirements and conducted lengthy tests before buying their police
fleets, and it was common for detroit to make special police models
just for the chp contract - and of course, any other department could
buy them too.  plymouth was a major chp supplier in the '60s.

just a little later, alabama drove police matadors like the ones you
saw in adam-12.  back then, the coast highway bridge between 'bama and
florida was a popular street-racing spot - long, straight, and sort of
between jurisdictions....  but as i heard it, the 'bama cops would
occasionally show up -- to run.  and they ran fast enough to get a lot
of respect.
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