[rescue] What a load of...

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Fri Sep 28 02:56:26 CDT 2007

 Quoth William Enestvedt ...

>    Anyway, they also had an older car there in California 
> Highway Patrol
> paint, with the roof lights and everything. A simple sign taped inside
> one window claimed it was a "1970 Dodge Polara, the FINEST police car
> ever built" and which went on to list the salient attrivutes, chief
> among them a freakin' huuuge engine.

The engine wasn't the only thing "freakin' huuuge" about it.  Some Japanese
have apartments smaller than the Polara's trunk, for example.

383 CID (6.3 liter) engine.  Three-speed automatic tranny.  Four-door, full
six-seater even for portly Americans.  Big?  Yowsa, and in those days it was
just a regular-sized car.

I don't ever recall seeing one in police garb, though.  I think the Atlanta
cops and the Georga State Patrol drove Plymouth Furies in those days.  Same
basic underpinnings, I think, and the same motor, but a slightly smaller
body.  They probably had up-rated special handling packages, and I know they
had better brakes.  The usual big American car of the Sixties had brakes
that would handle one stop from top speed, at best, before fading to
uselessness.  Some weren't that good.

My mother drove a Polara for 11 years; as far as I know, that car is still
in service as a taxi in Auburn, Alabama.  


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