[rescue] Overloading vehicles - was: What a load of...

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Thu Sep 27 20:18:10 CDT 2007

On Sep 27, 2007, at 4:20 PM, Bryant, David S. wrote:

> This tale has made the rounds of the net a couple of times, but it's
> sill amazing...
> http://www.swapmeetdave.com/Humor/Workshop/Overload.htm
> David
> P.S. Wishing that my SAAB 9|3 Viggen had the ease of loading of my old
> SAAB 900 SPG. But both have an amazing ability to "inhale" amazing
> amounts of stuff (then go/stop very fast).
> :)

I much prefer original Saab equipment.  The real Viggen:


I still miss my 1989 Saab 900S Sedan.  One of the coolest cars I've  
ever driven.  The Swedes knew how to build 4 cylinder engines... both  
that engine and the one in my mom's 240 were great.  These days I'll  
never buy a 4 again.


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