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> but my dad's '66 saab 96 weighed 1700 lbs; the '66 volvo 122, 2300;
> the '71 saab 99, 2400; my '66 rambler american - a real 6-passenger
> car - 2625.  and the rambler got 25mpg with a 1bbl carb and 3-speed
> tranny.  i know; i put over 30000 miles on it.  i've heard folks with
> the optional overdrive claim over 30mpg and i believe it.

'66 Rambler American... now that brings back memories. My dad had the '65
American, a 220 with the same 3-speed tranny. (Why does 196 cubic inches
stick in my mind?)

He ended up replacing it with a '73 Plymouth Duster with 3-speed and the 198
cube slant six. Years later, I went to trade it and had dealers swear that
there was no such size engine.


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