[rescue] What a load of...

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Sep 27 14:43:32 CDT 2007

" From: Lucyen Arnett Gabbard <lucyen at uark.edu>
" > From: Sandwich Maker
" > the rambler got 25mpg with a 1bbl carb and 3-speed
" > tranny.
" > my girlfriend's '01 jeep cherokee <snip!> gets 21mpg with
" > fuel injection and a 4sp lockup automatic.  the stick
" > can supposedly manage 25.
" Ahh, but your 1966 Rambler didn't have to meet crazy <expletive> 1990's
" caleefornyaie emissions standards that state nothing more noxious than pure
" love and galactic joy can be exhausted from your tail pipe -- even though new
" studies are showing that galactic joy causes mutant rats that want to conquer
" the universe, and pure love -- well, we won't even go there.
" Either way, the Rambler probably didn't have a catalytic converter stopping up
" the exaust, nor some of the more "reduce air intake" based emissions systems.
" I blame Canad^H^H^Hlifornia.

agreed; the rambler's sole emissions control was a pcv valve.  it was
a joy to work on - you could open the hood and see the -ground-...

likewise its sole safety device was [lap] seatbelts, though it was
build quite sturdily for its time.
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