[rescue] Free... stuff. (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Michael Kaegler Michael.Kaegler at marist.edu
Thu Sep 27 12:15:00 CDT 2007

I don't know if its worth anything, but...

The badge says E150.
You now know everything about the item that I do. Oh, I do know one 
more thing: Its heavy. Its really really heavy.
Supposedly it works, but I don't have the equipment to bench test it.

Needs to go away this weekend. Also, take a look at the other pics in 
the ebay directory. If theres anything that catches your eye, email 
offlist; it may have been scavanged since the pics were taken. If 
theres enough interest I'll take more pics.

(usually I'd come up with an actual inventory, but time is the enemy 
today. Its gotta get out of that space by midnight on the 30th. Cold 
dumpster or warm home dosn't matter to the landlord.)

Happy looting,
Michael "Porkchop" Kaegler, Sr. Network Analyst
(845) 575-3061 Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

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