[rescue] What a load of...

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Thu Sep 27 09:32:22 CDT 2007

Francois Dion wrote:
> Disapointing. I was really expecting close to 2000lbs. They make the
> cars out of tin nowadays? So I'm baffled by such low numbers. Let me
> look at a Chevy Avalanche. 1190lbs! ??
I don't find this at all surprising.  Minivans are intended to move 
families, and children weigh much less than your average 175lbs.  On top 
of that, I'm not sure you could physically fit 8 175lb people in a 
minivan.  They're not going to spend a lot of money building them up 
with a lot more capacity than 99.9% of their customers will use.  
Besides, car manufacturers make trucks for people who want to move 
cargo.  Use the right tool for the job.

That said, for the once-in-a-while haul, i used to move in and out of my 
college apartments and dorms with my parents' minivan.  Had a Voyager 
with the seats taken out loaded floor to ceiling many times.  It sank so 
low that the rear wheels were up in the well.  The tailpipe was so close 
to the ground that i had to take stuff out of it to back up a curb.  
Railroad tracks were fun too.

    -Dan Sikorski

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