[rescue] WTB 72pin SIMMS for Sparc Classic

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Thu Sep 27 01:49:30 CDT 2007

 Saith Curious George ...
> --- silvercreekvalley <silvercreekvalley at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > Does anyone have any of the old style 72pin SIMMs
> > for
> > a SPARCclassic. I'd like to 'max out' the memory if 
> > I can.
> You should be able to stuff 2x32M + 4x16M for a total
> of 128M.  I have my LX configured like that now and
> I *think* the Classic is so similar as to make the
> same thing possible.

Yep, you can put 128 MB in a Classic, too.  The last machine I
decommissioned back in the US, before moving over here to France, was my
Classic, with 128 MB.  It had been faithfully serving as backup
mail/DNS/NTP/file/etc server for about 7 years, so it was a bit of a
heart-tug to pull the switch.


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