[rescue] What a load of...

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Wed Sep 26 13:25:38 CDT 2007

Ethan O'Toole wrote:
> Perhaps one of those grates that goes in the front of the cargo area, like 
> you use for dogs? Something that can be removed.
I've taken the other route.  Take unnecessary stuff out of the car.  :)
> I know sometimes I drive a few hours west to go diving at a quarry and I 
> don't like putting the tank in the back seat because if the vehicle was to 
> roll, then this heavy steel tank would be loose... (even worse if it's 
> filled to 3443psi). But so far I haven't done anything to fix. What 
> would be ideal is some sorta mesh net bag thing that I could put it in, 
> and seatbelt down, would be ideal. All my other stuff goes into a pelican 
> case that I toss into the trunk.
I figure that if i just minimize the amount of time that i have cargo in 
the vehicle, i reduce the chances of it being a problem by a significant 
enough amount that I don't need to get anything additional.  If I have a 
need to carry more things more regularly, I'll either tie it down to the 
hooks in the back, get a cargo net, or decide that it's time to get a 
truck or car instead of an SUV.  The worst thing that i have in the car 
on a regular basis is my laptop bag, which sits nicely behind the 
drivers seat where it can only come out when the door is open.


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