[rescue] Overloading vehicles - was: What a load of...

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 15:41:52 CDT 2007

Sridhar wrote:
> > I believe I've mentioned it before, but I got a
> VAX 6610, one VAX 
> > 4000-505A and >10 desktop MicroVAXen in a Toyota
> Camry.  The tires 
> > weren't rubbing the wheel wells or anything.
> (Sorry for the self-reply)
> BTW, it wasn't a wagon.  It was a sedan.

You should have taken pictures :). I drive the same
car that you used to (Camry 4 door sedan), and I've
crammed unusual amounts of stuff in it as well. I once
had 2 IBM 3728 terminals, an IBM pedestal style 3174
terminal controller, two 20 inch SGI monitors and at
least 8 Sun SparcStation 5's in there at once. I've
also had the trunk completely filled with
SparcStations with the back seats filled with misc
hardware (up to the roof) - tires up under the fenders
a bit on both occasions, but not rubbing. Amazingly
enough, after all this abuse and all these years, the
suspension on this car is still good. I still salute
you, Sridhar - for managing to get a Vax 6000 in one
of these cars. Disassembly alone must have taken an
hour. Reassembly would have been fun too, especially
if you rushed through disassembly!

Now, here's a good one - I once put two Control Data
floor standing hard drives (one 9766 and one fixed
media - 650 pounds each!) in a Chevy Venture, along
with a 5 foot Dec rack with a PDP-11 system in it, and
several rack mountable stuffs. At least 1600 pounds
total. Van rode VERY low, and I had to drive it 500
miles like that. I _think_ I took pictures - I'll have
to check. Fun part was getting it all out. I loaded it
with a ramp and a loading dock, but at my house - I
don't have either...

Anyone else got any good stories?


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