[rescue] What a load of...

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 13:33:52 CDT 2007

--- Jeff Cole <jeff at flambe.org> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 02:17:16PM +0200, Sheldon T.
> Hall wrote:
> > Lionel Peterson ...
> > > My real concern was the suspension - and braking
> distance ;^)
> > ... or, in a crash, being saved by an airbag, only
> to end up in the morgue
> > with a computer embedded in the back of your
> skull.
> To paraphrase a classic saying:
> "Never underestimate the computing power of a car
> loaded with rescued hardware."

Or, perhaps...

"Never underestimate the kinetic energy of a car
loaded with rescued hardware."


But seriously, putting 1600 pounds of hardware in a
minivan makes driving (and stopping) fun. I've done
it, and I'm likely to do it again. But remember when
overloading vehicles, be sure that things like panels
are stowed such that they can't slide forward - ensure
everything is blocked by the seats or by something

Of course, had I hit something, that Control Data
drive would have simply kept going, broken the seat
and rammed me forward. Best bet - don't hit things.


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