[rescue] WTB 72pin SIMMS for Sparc Classic

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Wed Sep 26 13:03:28 CDT 2007

der Mouse, answering someone who wrote a message I missed, wrote ...
> > Does anyone have any of the old style 72pin SIMMs for
> > a SPARCclassic.
> I've got a whole pile of 72-pin SIMMs.  But...
> > I'd like to 'max out' the memory if I can.
> ...then I might not be able to help much; I have very few that are
> bigger than 4M, and I think the Classic can take 16M sticks.  
> Still, if
> you have _empty_ slots, some 4M sticks would help some.

In theory the LX as the Classic will take six 16 M sticks of parity RAM, for
a max of 96 MB.  In theory, this is 33-bit wide, FPM memory.

In practice, you can put two 32 MB sticks in the first bank (pay attention
to the silkscreening on the board), and four 16 M sticks in the second and
third bank, and get 128 MB.  You can use 36-bit wide PC RAM, too, as long as
it's FPM, not EDO.

I've got some, but it's in deep storage on the other side of the planet, and
I won't be back there for a year.  However, it's not rare stuff, though it's
getting rarer; you ought to be able to find some.


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