[rescue] What a load of...

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Wed Sep 26 10:04:45 CDT 2007

Lucyen Arnett Gabbard wrote:
> For the rescue of computers, I have an 86 Volvo 740 station wagon... the
> "anti-wiplash" headrests help keep macro-particulate matter from polluting my
> craniasphere.  One can also purchase "overload coils" for the rear suspension
> that are stiffer for carrying heavier loads.
For those that are of normal height, that's probably fine.  for those of 
us who are taller, the headrest only protects the neck.  In that jeep, 
my head touched the roof when i drove.  A PC, or anything else in the 
back of the car would have easily fell to the ceiling and slid up to the 
front of the car.  I had repeatedly said that if i ever flipped that 
thing that i wouldn't walk away, I'm glad i was wrong on that one.


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