[rescue] What a load of...

Lucyen Arnett Gabbard lucyen at uark.edu
Wed Sep 26 09:27:04 CDT 2007

For the rescue of computers, I have an 86 Volvo 740 station wagon... the
"anti-wiplash" headrests help keep macro-particulate matter from polluting my
craniasphere.  One can also purchase "overload coils" for the rear suspension
that are stiffer for carrying heavier loads.

-Mr. Lucyen Gabbard
 Systems Administrator
 College of Engineering
 1108B Bell Engineering Center
 Fayetteville, AR  72701

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Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> ... or, in a crash, being saved by an airbag, only to end up in the morgue
> with a computer embedded in the back of your skull.
I really thought about that one a lot when i flipped my jeep (cherokee)
in a ditch almost two years ago.  I used to carry tons of stuff in the
back of it, tool bags, computers.  Two days before the accident i took
most of the stuff out for some reason or another.  All i kept thinking
about for a week after the accident was the PC that was in the back of
the jeep for months before that, and had that still been in the back, it
would have certainly cracked myself or my girlfriend in the back of the

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