[rescue] Free Printonix P6000 line printer on Long Island, NY, USA

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Sun Sep 23 23:51:10 CDT 2007

A friend of mine is trying to slim down his collection in preparation
for a move. One of the things to go is the Printronix P6000 line printer
I collected for him from a downtown Boston office a few years back.

The unit is in working order and comes with a number of spare ribbons.
Takes a standard Centronics 36 pin connector, you could drive it from
normal Pee Cee hardware or your basic network printserver.

His posting to cctalk follows, including contact info.


I am de-cluttering in advance of a move to the bay area... and need to
give away some excess classic hardware.

Available is a full-sized Printronix  line printer.  In pretty good
shape; with extra ribbons.   Works pretty well given it's ~25 yrs old.

Please contact me via email ONLY.   This printer is in the Huntington,
LI area, and for pickup only.  You'll need
a small truck or a pickup, it will NOT fit into a station-wagon or SUV.

David HM Spector
spector (at) zeitgeist (dot) com

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