[rescue] looking for 'hand me down' socket 462 processor(s) (athlon/duron), SS10 parts available

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Sep 22 00:25:55 CDT 2007

Not exactly a 'vintage' rescue... but I'm trying to rescue a couple of 
socket 462
motherboards/systems....  they both had bad caps... I changed out the 
caps, but
the first board would beep ok, but no vid/kb, while testing the second 
one, I
think I somehow shorted the cpu with the heatsink (didn't have it 
clipped on,
just sitting on).... fried the one CPU I had for testing.

Anyone got any socket 462 procs they don't need anymore (like pulls from
upgrades or dead systems, etc) ?

And while I'm posting that, amongst all the stuff I have to unload, I have a
bunch of Sparcstation 10s w/o cpus, memory, or cards.  They are being parted
out before disposal.  If you want a bare SS10, or any specific part 
(power supply,
mainboard, EPROM, NVRAM, internal SCSI cabling, etc)... its pretty much
name your own price time.  Also have Sun 410 SCSI enclosure power 
and I think some SS5/20 power supplies around too.


-- Curt

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