[rescue] Cleaning out some old Sun/IBM gear...

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Wed Sep 19 18:36:08 CDT 2007

For shipping costs, or local pickup in Dayton, OH area:
RS/6000 7012-39H - 64mb memory, CDROM, 4GB disk, 8bit color graphics 
adapter, Exabyte tape drive, onboard AUI Ethernet+extra adapter, and keys.
I do have extra memory boards and memory for these.
RS/6000 Powerstation 220 - 1GB disk, fully populated GT graphics, AIX 
4.3 - yes, it has some damage to the front plastic(can provide pictures 
detailing this), but it does boot/run/compile. I do have keys for this 
one as well.
Sparcstation 10 - at least 32mb of memory, ZX graphics, 1GB disk
Ultra 2E/300 - 256MB memory, single processor, Creator3D graphics , 
CDROM, 2x2gb disk, has 68pin SCSI+Fast Ethernet card, and keyboard.

Strictly for local pickup in Dayton, OH area:
Sun GDM 20D10 - works, has remote but is quite large and heavy.

If you want any pictures of these systems or have any questions, feel 
free to ask.

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