[rescue] What to do with AT&T 3b2 disk images?

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Sun Sep 16 03:48:40 CDT 2007

Carl R. Friend wrote:
> > Does anyone have a 3b2 who would be willing to receive a few disk images
> > from me and try to read them on their 3b2 and make sure they really work?
>     Depending on the specific type of 3B2, the Retro-Computing Society
> of Rhode Island may be able to assist.  We have one in our collection
> and one of our members has another in his private stash.

I have once made a whole bunch of disk images (using dd) off of 3B2
floppies (5.25") containing 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 versions of AT&T 3B2 Sys5

I've put them here:

They'll be removed two weeks from now. BTW: I'm still collecting
old&rare OSes :-)

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